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timothybusfield's Journal

Timothy Busfield Fans
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This is a community dedicated to Timothy Busfield, his film & TV roles and direction, and, really, anything else related to him. The rules are few, but they're below:

1. The Golden Rule applies. Beyond that, it's the moderator's call.

2. On-topic posts include: past, present, and future projects involving Tim or fellow alumni; articles from periodicals and trade publications; fangirl (and boy)-ish squee.

3. Please provide a proper citation for any newspaper/magazine ads and a link. We don't want to run afoul of anyone's copyright.

4. Picture posts are are welcome, but must be placed under a cut. Please see LJ FAQ for how to do a cut-tag.

5. No stirring shit. Tim wouldn't be impressed; we won't be, either.